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Accelerate your market launch with cutting-edge low-power wearable hardware and software

Third Wave has been a dependable partner of top companies worldwide. The company offers a comprehensive product and intellectual property (IP) portfolio to help corporations, startups, OEMs and solution providers streamline product development, customization, and time to market. Third Wave’s products are designed to provide significant value to customers seeking a cost-effective solution that balances the cost of custom design with the convenience of purchasing commercial-off-the-shelf products. With expert design, a long product life cycle, and dedicated support, Third Wave helps advance its customers’ product development processes, allowing them to focus on their business.

Comprehensive connectivity portfolio

Designed for seamless connectivity, incorporating short-range (i.e. BLE, NFC) and long-range (i.e. LoRa, wifiHALOW, Sidewalk, NB-IoT) hybrid communication. This ensures reliable data transfer and provides multiple options for integration with existing infrastructure.

Secure processing and analysis at the edge

Built with focus on embedded machine learning and security. System is able to analyze data and make real-time decisions locally. This enhances the accuracy and efficiency of the solution providing users with valuable insights and personalized experiences.

Long lasting with low power management

Engineered wearables deliver long battery life, making them a convenient solution for those who don’t want to charge their devices daily. Behind the technology is a focus on power management for efficient and reliable performance, even with extended use.

Plug and play with smart sensing modules

The modular hardware and software architecture leverages plug and play sensor suite for location, environmental, activity, and physiological data. It is highly flexible and capable of adapting to various use cases with minimal effort; making it a powerful tool for data collection and analysis.


Wearable Accelerator Program  

Third Wave’s Wearable Accelerator Program is designed to help companies bring cutting-edge low-power wearable solutions to market faster. The program combines Third Wave’s end-to-end tech stack consisting of hardware, software, machine learning algorithms, cloud services, mobile, and web apps with the unique problem of each company. By leveraging Third Wave’s assets, intellectual property (IP), and know-how, the accelerator streamlines the development process and provides companies with a turnkey differentiated and patented solution that is ready for market.¬†

Explore Wearable Categories

Medical Devices and Wearables for Older Adults

Low-power wearable technology provides real-time monitoring of seniors’ vital signs and movements. This promotes early detection of health changes and ensures safety in daily activities. Customizable solutions cater to the specific needs of seniors, improving their quality of life and enabling them to live comfortably at home.

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Human Performance Wearables for Sport and Military

Advanced wearable technology tracks physical activity and biometrics, providing real-time performance analysis. This allows for optimized training and improved overall physical abilities. Wearables are durable and designed for high-stress environments, making them ideal for military and athletic use.

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Industrial Safety Wearables for Workers and Front-Line Staff

Wearable technology promotes safety and security on the job site. Real-time monitoring of workers’ movements and biometrics ensures compliance with safe working practices. Authorized personnel can be easily identified, reducing the risk of accidents and unauthorized access to machinery. Wearables are designed for tough industrial environments, making them durable and reliable.

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Smartwatches for Kids

Smartwatches for kids provide parents with peace of mind, keeping their children safe and connected. Real-time location tracking, two-way calling and messaging, and emergency alerts are features designed to promote safety. The fun and interactive design keeps kids engaged and encourages healthy habits such as physical activity. Parents have complete control over the features and access to usage information, making these smartwatches a useful tool for families.

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